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At Bass Plumbing, we provide a full range of plumbing services to homes across Brisbane. We are all you need for your Brisbane plumber and drainage requirements. We’re experts in all general & commercial plumbing

Gas Fitting

Bass Plumbing has you covered for all your gas fitting needs.  We do it all, from gas hot water systems to gas barbeques. Gas is one of the top energy sources in Australia, due to its economical nature compared to other fuel options and is better for the environment. We can service, install and repair all your gas fitting needs.


Bass Plumbing can provide solutions for all your Drainage needs including drainage installations, blocked drains, burst pipes. Let us take the worry out of your plumbing & drainage.

Hot Water Unit

At Bass Plumbing, we are your local hot water system experts Specialising in all types of systems, from gas to electric, solar to heat pump, we know it all.

Hot water systems provide your home, office or shop with hot water.  Bass Plumbing operates in Brisbane for all your hot water system needs. Our plumbers are available for both general maintenance, emergency hot water installations and repairs.

Backflow testing

At Bass Plumbing we are licensed plumbers that are able to test and install backflow preventers to ensure that any contamination from your supply is not flowing into the local water supply system.

Backflow occurs because a condition exists in a water supply system that will cause back-siphonage. Back-siphonage can occur on a property through a vacuum created in the water supply system. Examples of back-siphonage would be a pipeline breakage, undersized pipework or high withdrawal rates.

Trade Waste

At Bass plumbing our professional team frequently undertake training in the latest methods of trade waste plumbing & Trade waste Plumbing maintenance and our equipment is state of the art, so you know the job is being done the right way with the best equipment.